Initial Assessment

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  • Initial Assessment
  • Enquiry Record

  • Personal Details

  • Breathing

    Assessment 1
  • Nutrition- Food and Drink

  • Continence

  • Personal care

  • Skin (Including Tissue Viability)

    Assessment 2
  • Mobility: Not including Wandering

    Where mobility issues are indicated a Falls assessment and Moving and Handling Risk Assessment should have been carried out and the impact and likelihood of any risk factors considered.
  • Communication

    This section relates to difficulties in expression and understanding, in particular with regards to communicating needs.
  • Altered States Of Consciousness

    ASC can be caused by a range of conditions such as epilepsy
  • Emotional And Psychological Needs

    Assessment 3
  • Cognition

  • Behaviour

  • Medication

  • Activities Of Daily Living

    Assessment 4
  • Identified Risk